Booking Birthday Tea Parties

I am booking birthday tea parties in the STL area!

  • Do you know someone who loves tea parties?
  • Are you looking for entertainment at your next tea party?
  • Have you met a real tea sommelier before?
  • Want to learn the history and origin of your favorite tea blends?

Look no further! I am partnering with Molly Nesham from to provide the perfect addition to your custom tea party celebration! Any age will love our entertainment, as we customize it to meet your needs!

If your tea party is for little girls, a version of Stephanie’s StoryTime will be included! Stephanie will entertain with a reading from Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party. In this sweet story, Sparklepants and Ellie Marie meet Molly, the tea sommelier! Sparklepants and Ellie Marie also introduce us to their BFFs, Glittermama and Jaycee Joy. The girls partake in a sweet tea party adventure you can have in real life with Author Stephanie Paasch and Molly Nesham!

If your tea party is for ages 10-100, a tea history class will be included. Add your favorite blends from to make the PERFECT tea party adventure!

My favorites from include: Morning Energy, Sparkle Peach, Blueberry Basil, Apple Pie Chai, and Turtle tea. Over 50 custom tea blends to choose from are available online.

If your event is a child’s birthday party, Author Autographed books can be added as your thank you gift for guests at a discounted price off of retail with purchases of 12+ books. In addition, a decorate your own bookmark craft can be created at the event!

If your event is for ages 10-100, thank you gift options include:

  • Puppy earrings
  • Puppy necklaces
  • Let your Sparkle Shine keychains or necklaces
  • Individual tea sample options
  • And more!

Send an email to to inquire for availability of your date and answers to any of your questions.


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