Booking Birthday Tea Parties

I am booking birthday tea parties in the STL area!

  • Do you know someone who loves tea parties?
  • Are you looking for entertainment at your next tea party?
  • Have you met a real tea sommelier before?
  • Want to learn the history and origin of your favorite tea blends?

Look no further! I am partnering with Molly Nesham from to provide the perfect addition to your custom tea party celebration! Any age will love our entertainment, as we customize it to meet your needs!

If your tea party is for little girls, a version of Stephanie’s StoryTime will be included! Stephanie will entertain with a reading from Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party. In this sweet story, Sparklepants and Ellie Marie meet Molly, the tea sommelier! Sparklepants and Ellie Marie also introduce us to their BFFs, Glittermama and Jaycee Joy. The girls partake in a sweet tea party adventure you can have in real life with Author Stephanie Paasch and Molly Nesham!

If your tea party is for ages 10-100, a tea history class will be included. Add your favorite blends from to make the PERFECT tea party adventure!

My favorites from include: Morning Energy, Sparkle Peach, Blueberry Basil, Apple Pie Chai, and Turtle tea. Over 50 custom tea blends to choose from are available online.

If your event is a child’s birthday party, Author Autographed books can be added as your thank you gift for guests at a discounted price off of retail with purchases of 12+ books. In addition, a decorate your own bookmark craft can be created at the event!

If your event is for ages 10-100, thank you gift options include:

  • Puppy earrings
  • Puppy necklaces
  • Let your Sparkle Shine keychains or necklaces
  • Individual tea sample options
  • And more!

Send an email to to inquire for availability of your date and answers to any of your questions.


Tea Party Thoughts…

You never really know what your guests think about an event you host. You sincerely hope you not only met their expectations but went above and beyond, leaving them waiting for the next book or next event….

I recently had a guest at my Sparkle Tea Party, held at Sugar Grove Growers in Troy, MO (my hometown) that is an author herself and wrote a super sweet blog about my tea party!

While, I had never met her before, I really appreciated the feedback and seeing things from her perspective. It made my heart happy to know I made everyone feel welcome and involved in the sweet StoryTime event!

You should check it out here!

Hope you have a chance to check out one of my Tea Party events or StoryTime events soon! You may never meet someone who created a character as cute as Sparklepants!


Puppy Wedding and Puppy Names

I am currently working on two sweet Sparklepants stories… One will detail what Sparklepants and Freckles big wedding day is like and the next one will introduce their sweet puppies as they expand their family! Send me your PUPPY NAME SUGGESTIONS here!

Can it get any sweeter than a puppy dog wedding? I don’t think it can! You are all going to LOVE the descriptions of this sweet love story. I can already imagine just how beautiful the setting will be once Katie Abbott, my illustrator, adds her insane talent to my sweet love story! It is going to be amazing!

Here is a sneak peek! (Rough draft, unedited!)

Freckles, a super cute puppy, moved in next door and Sparklepants had never seen such a handsome dog before!

She was very curious about Freckles and was happy that they both liked to play at the park just down the street! Freckles was cute and so very funny. He was always making jokes, really funny ones, and Sparklepants couldn’t resist his charm. They played together so much that they ended up being best friends!

Then after a while, they both decided there was more to their feelings than JUST friendship, it was love.

Freckles asked Sparklepants to marry him when they met at the park after playing together almost every day for a very long time. He was so excited, he had never been in love before and Sparklepants was his dream dog.

Luckily when he asked Sparklepants if she wanted to marry him, she said, “YES!”

Ellie Marie, Remmington and Alyssa planned the perfect wedding. They decided it would be held at the park, in the picnic shelter where they had fallen in love by the slides. It was going to be so much fun to watch them get married!

It was a super sunshiney day at the park, with a bright blue sky, beautiful green grass, with trees and flowers everywhere. The wedding takes place in the picnic shelter. Alyssa and I picked out daisy flowers for the decorations, along with a few white fluffy bows by the seats.

Sparklepants pranced down the aisle toward the puppy of her dreams. Freckles couldn’t believe how extra beautiful Sparklepants looked in her white sparkly wedding gown with a short fluffy white tulle skirt and hand-sewn sequins with lace. Her veil was sheer (see-through) and had rows of sparkles on the headband. Remmington was the wedding officiant, that meant he was the one performing the ceremony.

Remmington had on special attire too, that means a fancy outfit. He was wearing black dress pants, a white shirt and a pink bow tie. He looked almost as cute as Freckles did in his pink bow tie!

Alyssa and Mommy were taking photos of the wedding. I can’t wait to see what they capture in the photos!




My personal goal was to have at least 1 book published by the time I turned 40. I set this goal on my 38th birthday.

I am happy to say I had 2 published in the 6 months before I turned 40. I have always been very determined to hit my goals, but this time it was personal. A life-long goal to finally share some of the hundreds of stories I have written. Well, probably thousands of stories at this point, but not every story needs to be shared.

I can remember writing stories and creating characters way back in elementary school. I loved to illustrate my own books back then too. I have kind of fallen out of that habit but the love of writing is alive and well within my soul!

I hope you have had a chance to hear about my first published series, The Adventures of Sparklepants. The first book I chose to release was, Sparklepants: Moving Day. The second book I released was, Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party.

When I host book events, one of the questions I almost always get is: “Why did you pick that book to be your first book?”

I thought I should answer that very popular question….. I chose Sparklepants: Moving Day to be my first release because moving was something I did several times as a child. I know how it feels to go to a new school and make new friends and how scary that can be for a kiddo. You have to pack everything up, move into a new house, make new friends, find your way around a new school and it can be overwhelming. I thought by explaining what a Realtor does to help everyone find a new home and reassure kiddos that their parents will try to make the new house feel like home even if everything looks different, that can be okay! I included a “Super Important” box because one time when I moved, we lost all of my favorite things! My Mom helped me pick out new favorites, and everything worked out. I put a spin on my real-life experiences and added a super cute puppy named Sparklepants to liven up my stories.

The second book was, Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party. My very dear friend Molly Nesham owns a tea company named Persnicketea. She is a Tea Sommelier. I can remember a lot of jobs at career day, but nothing like a Tea Sommelier!!! I thought it would be fun to teach kiddos what a Tea Sommelier does, so I released it next.

I am hooked on Persnicketea tea blends… I have so many favorites! I wanted to make my story relatable for kiddos and easy to understand by taking my characters on an amazing tea party where they meet Molly!

In fact, I love her tea so much that I named my publishing house Tea Time Publishing!

The next question is always, “What Sparklepants story will you release next?” I have 30 stories written for this series right now and so many of them are my new favorites! I am leaning toward either:

Sparklepants: Vintage Memories or Sparklepants: Great BIG Make-Over

Both of those stories are with beta readers right now! They are both edited and one will be going to the illustrator soon!

Other super exciting stories I am currently creating include a wedding and future puppies!!!!!! You will absolutely fall in love with Sparklepants and Freckles sweet love story!

Can’t wait to share more soon! I have been very busy creating some amazing stories!


Sending Sparkles,

Stephanie Paasch

Booking a Private Tea Party

Do you LOVE Tea Parties? Do you love hot tea, iced tea, tea lattes, tea gummies, and basically anything tea party related?

Do you have a child who needs a Tea Party theme for their next birthday party?

I am EXCITED to announce that I am booking Private Tea Parties! If you are interested in booking a private Tea Party in the STL metro area (at a Tea House or other venue), please send an email with details to:

I have a 10 book minimum purchase ($120 plus tax) and will attend the Tea Party for up to 1 hour on a Saturday from 11am to 12pm or 2pm to 3pm. During my visit, I will read from Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party and answer any questions about being an author or writing your own story.

Dates will be limited and it will be first come, first serve. Pre-payment for the books is required 30 days prior to event. Contact me for more details!

So excited to add more Private Sparkle Tea Parties starting in March 2019!

If you want to meet my favorite Tea Sommelier, I will reach out to Molly and we can learn all about tea together! For those who have already read my book (Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party), Molly was who I interviewed for all of the information about tea blends and history for the book!