November writing challenge…

Have you ever written a story? Have the characters ever been so amazing that you just kept dreaming about them and things they might do, see, or say? That’s how I feel about Sparklepants and Ellie Marie.

I took on the NaNoWriMore challenge. I have been editing and adding and creating new adventures for my favorite characters! I am already almost 40,000 words into it this month!

To give you a little perspective, a normal month for me is 60,000 words or less. I am on track to hit between 80,000+!

I have also been busy outlining other characters and future series too….

I hope you have tried a writing challenge. Yours doesn’t have to be a crazy number like mine, maybe you just make it a goal to write for 30 minutes 5 days a week and see what you can come up with in a Journal…. Not everyone dreams up whole worlds and multiple characters, but if you do….. I hope you share some of your stories on a blog or with a best friend! We can all use some inspiration! I hope you spread the love of reading or writing!!

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Stephanie’s Blog…

Thank you for checking out my website. I will periodically write Blog posts here….

Blog 10/31/18:


My NEWEST BOOK is live on Amazon!!! Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party is here! In fact, I pick up my first shipment of books from my local press (Publishers Graphics) on November 8th! At all of my events after the 8th, I will have 2 books to choose from The Adventures of Sparklepants series!

Amazon Author Page

If that wasn’t enough excitement, I also hit over 600 #SparkleFans this week!!!

Great things are happening in the world of Sparklepants! You can’t even imagine all the super cute stories I am currently dreaming about!

Thanks to all my friends, family and SparkleFans for supporting my dream!

P.S. Authors LOVE Amazon Reviews! The more reviews we get, the more lists our books will be added to!

Blog 8/23/18:

EXCITING NEWS! Book 2 is halfway illustrated! The second book being released will be:
Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party. I interviewed a real Tea Sommelier named Molly Nesham of
to accurately teach the readers what she does! In the book, they will learn about 4 of my favorite tea blends that Molly brews! Plus, with characters like Ellie Marie and Sparklepants, you know it will be an amazing tea party adventure… In this book you will get to meet Ellie Marie’s BFF, Jaycee Joy. You will also get to meet Sparklepants’ BFF, Glittermama. The tea party is perfect and you will love to see the story unfold.

Meet Grandma Molly, AKA my favorite Tea Sommelier:


Sneak peek of illustrations from the super talented Katie Abbott:


Blog 3/25/18:

I love providing the adventures that help your children get interested in my book series. You never know what will spark their imaginations and interest! Just keep trying until you find something they love to read about… I know a lot of people like to read about their hobbies. That got me to thinking… Do you have a favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is reading. I try to read a book every few days. My goal is to always read at least 60 books a year. I love how reading inspires your imagination and creativity. It is relaxing and exciting at the same time! I would love to learn about different series of books or your favorite authors! I am always researching about books. I love several different genres (types of books). I read books with my kids, by myself, and for book clubs! Please share your favorite with me on
I have several hobbies actually. I love painting and drawing, especially landscapes, sunsets and trees. I use acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink, charcoal, colored pencil, pretty much any medium. Art relaxes me. I also love taking photographs of landscapes and trees and sunsets. I am fascinated with all the beautiful things God has created. He has a way better imagination than I do, and I bask in his glory.

The place I feel most at home and at peace is at the beach. In particular, in Florida. I call Missouri home though, maybe one day I will relocate, you never know… Life happens and things change, but for now, the Midwest Heartland is home. I live in the Show-Me state, so I do like to go see lots of interesting things!

One other hobby I have had my entire life is fishing. Not everyone is a fan of fishing, but I have loved it since my Dad taught me how to fish pretty much as soon as I was about 2 years old. We spent a lot of quality time fishing. He had lots of great spots to fish. He has always been better at it than me, but I love it anyway! Now I fish with my hubby and kids. There is really nothing better than spending the day fishing and enjoying a nice fish fry with the family.

Of course you can guess my last hobby. Dreaming up stories and characters for future books! I am always dreaming up topics and ideas and storylines. I take notes and pull stories together every time inspiration hits! Sometimes, even during my daughter’s Girl Scouts meetings!
Now you know a little about me and my hobbies. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better! It is these things that inspire me to write. I hope you enjoy my books! I know I enjoyed dreaming up all the characters and stories… Until next time…

Blog 6/28/18:

This Blog will be short and sweet….

Today my book, Sparklepants: Moving Day went live on Amazon!
Order your copy here:

Sparklepants on Amazon

In the next few days, the hardback version will also show up on Amazon!
This feels like a dream!!! Please go check it out and tell all your friends and family, especially if they have kids or grand kids ages 3 to 11. Reading is so important in a child’s life, why not read something that you will find entertaining as well? You will never read another series quite like The Adventures of Sparklepants.
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Curious About Future Books?

Have you already read, Sparklepants: Moving Day and are you curious what is coming next? The second one has just released!  Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party is available now on Amazon or at Stephanie’s events. Autographed copies are available at SugarGrove in The Loft in beautiful Troy, Missouri.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the beautiful illustrations Katie Abbott has created for the newest book, Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party! Introducing a new character, Jaycee Joy!!! Jaycee Joy is Ellie Marie’s BFF! AND you will also get to meet Sparklepants’ BFF, Glitermama!!!


Terrific Tea Party tells the story of the super fun tea party with Ellie Marie, her puppy Sparklepants, Ellie Marie’s BFF Jaycee Joy, and her puppy Glittermama. The girls learn what a Tea Sommelier is! They get to taste four tea blends and sweet treats and have the most beautiful tea party imaginable. Terrific Tea Party is available NOW on Amazon!

Amazon Author Page

Future Sparklepants books include these topics: A Day at the Zoo, The Great Big Make-Over, Show and Tell, Going to the Old Quarry, Beach Time at the Lake, Birthday Celebration, Fishing on the Farm, Glamping 101, Meeting the Fair Queen, Rodeo Clown, Playdate with Glittermama, The Amazing Ranger Ride, Vintage Memories, Treasure Hunt, Anti-Bully Bus Ride, Sparklepants Wedding Day and so much more!

There may even be a contest to name the future puppies and a possible spin-off series after Wedding Day!!!!!! You never know what Sparklepants will do on her next adventure!

Over 600 SparkleFans

After you read one of the Sparklepants stories, please review it on Amazon! Authors need reviews to be added to the “Recommended Books Lists” on Amazon… 50 five star reviews will add me to the recommended books list and 100 will do great things for my Author career! I really appreciate all of my SparkleFans!


Happy Momma’s Day

To all the Momma’s of babies and kids of all ages and furbabies and Momma’s to be in the future; I salute you. You are on the adventure of Mommy-hood. It will be a tough and amazing ride, and even when you think you “don’t got it,” you do. Somehow, some way, you will survive all the challenges and remain a role model for your whole family.

You are the one person everyone comes to when they need love, compassion, encouragement and to get help with boo-boos or when they just don’t feel good…

Please take a minute to remember how awesome you really are! Celebrate yourself, you deserve extra love today and always… Happy Momma’s Day!


Author Stephanie Paasch

About the Author

Stephanie Paasch is a married mother of 3 wonderful children. She has dreamed of being an author since she held her first pencil. When she isn’t writing her incredible children’s series’, she is reading or researching, or traveling to find inspiration for future stories. She also likes to challenge her kids and plot and plan future books with their input and imaginations flowing.

As a child, she read every book she could find and had dozens of favorite authors. In fact, she read every kid appropriate book in her local library! As an adult, she introduced her children to the love of reading and passed along some of those same author’s series.

Reading is one of the most important skills you can learn as a child. Your imagination knows no limits. You can read and learn about any subject or type of book that interests you! Just read something and pass along your love of reading to future generations. Connect with your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews by reading them a great story or bedtime story. Give them something to dream about! Then ask what they thought about the books! Find a series they love and help them grow with their reading adventures!