Curious About Future Books?

Have you already read, Sparklepants: Moving Day and are you curious what is coming next? The second one has just released!  Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party is available now on Amazon or at Stephanie’s events. Autographed copies are available at SugarGrove in The Loft in beautiful Troy, Missouri.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the beautiful illustrations Katie Abbott has created for the newest book, Sparklepants: Terrific Tea Party! Introducing a new character, Jaycee Joy!!! Jaycee Joy is Ellie Marie’s BFF! AND you will also get to meet Sparklepants’ BFF, Glitermama!!!


Terrific Tea Party tells the story of the super fun tea party with Ellie Marie, her puppy Sparklepants, Ellie Marie’s BFF Jaycee Joy, and her puppy Glittermama. The girls learn what a Tea Sommelier is! They get to taste four tea blends and sweet treats and have the most beautiful tea party imaginable. Terrific Tea Party is available NOW on Amazon!

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Future Sparklepants books include these topics: A Day at the Zoo, The Great Big Make-Over, Show and Tell, Going to the Old Quarry, Beach Time at the Lake, Birthday Celebration, Fishing on the Farm, Glamping 101, Meeting the Fair Queen, Rodeo Clown, Playdate with Glittermama, The Amazing Ranger Ride, Vintage Memories, Treasure Hunt, Anti-Bully Bus Ride, Sparklepants Wedding Day and so much more!

There may even be a contest to name the future puppies and a possible spin-off series after Wedding Day!!!!!! You never know what Sparklepants will do on her next adventure!

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