Puppy Wedding and Puppy Names

I am currently working on two sweet Sparklepants stories… One will detail what Sparklepants and Freckles big wedding day is like and the next one will introduce their sweet puppies as they expand their family! Send me your PUPPY NAME SUGGESTIONS here!

Can it get any sweeter than a puppy dog wedding? I don’t think it can! You are all going to LOVE the descriptions of this sweet love story. I can already imagine just how beautiful the setting will be once Katie Abbott, my illustrator, adds her insane talent to my sweet love story! It is going to be amazing!

Here is a sneak peek! (Rough draft, unedited!)

Freckles, a super cute puppy, moved in next door and Sparklepants had never seen such a handsome dog before!

She was very curious about Freckles and was happy that they both liked to play at the park just down the street! Freckles was cute and so very funny. He was always making jokes, really funny ones, and Sparklepants couldn’t resist his charm. They played together so much that they ended up being best friends!

Then after a while, they both decided there was more to their feelings than JUST friendship, it was love.

Freckles asked Sparklepants to marry him when they met at the park after playing together almost every day for a very long time. He was so excited, he had never been in love before and Sparklepants was his dream dog.

Luckily when he asked Sparklepants if she wanted to marry him, she said, “YES!”

Ellie Marie, Remmington and Alyssa planned the perfect wedding. They decided it would be held at the park, in the picnic shelter where they had fallen in love by the slides. It was going to be so much fun to watch them get married!

It was a super sunshiney day at the park, with a bright blue sky, beautiful green grass, with trees and flowers everywhere. The wedding takes place in the picnic shelter. Alyssa and I picked out daisy flowers for the decorations, along with a few white fluffy bows by the seats.

Sparklepants pranced down the aisle toward the puppy of her dreams. Freckles couldn’t believe how extra beautiful Sparklepants looked in her white sparkly wedding gown with a short fluffy white tulle skirt and hand-sewn sequins with lace. Her veil was sheer (see-through) and had rows of sparkles on the headband. Remmington was the wedding officiant, that meant he was the one performing the ceremony.

Remmington had on special attire too, that means a fancy outfit. He was wearing black dress pants, a white shirt and a pink bow tie. He looked almost as cute as Freckles did in his pink bow tie!

Alyssa and Mommy were taking photos of the wedding. I can’t wait to see what they capture in the photos!




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